Thank you for visiting my webpage. I have written a four-novel series about a fictional Outlaw Motorcycle Club called the IRON KINGZ. 

The first novel, OUTLAW, depicts the main character as an All-American hero who loses everything through no fault of his own. In his downward spiral, he lands in the IRON KINGZ. It is the last place he can be accepted and be part of something larger than himself. But what price will he have to pay to belong?

The second novel, IRON KINGZ: The Resurrection, picks up where OUTLAW drops off. We see our main character fully involved in the Outlaw Biker lifestyle, while still battling his own conscience and demons.

The third novel, SUPER SPORT: An IRON KINGZ Novel, begins with a new character and shows his transition from avid biker to a fully-patched IRON KING. During this transition, he is on a parallel quest to find the gang member who nearly killed his little brother and the corrupt cop who enabled it. The ending to this one will shock you. Guaranteed.

The fourth novel, BROTHERS FOREVER: The IRON KINGZ Final Chapters returns to the original main character on a mission of vengeance. Along with other familiar faces from the previous books, this one concludes the series.

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Troy Mason is a retired United States Marine, Iraq War Veteran, and an avid biker, logging over 20,000 miles per year on his Harley-Davidson.  He rides the roads of America with his wife and writes in his spare time. When they are not on the road, they make their home in Georgia.

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Email: troymason@outlawauthor.com

Telephone:  540-273-1303

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