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An exerpt from BROTHERS FOREVER: The IRON KINGZ Final Chapters

They took a couple of booths toward the back of the restaurant and perused the laminated menus. A friendly waitress, maybe twenty years old, brought coffee for all of them. She wore a number of tattoos and her smile showed the drawbacks of meth addiction. She might have been pretty at some point, Jason thought. Crying damn shame.

“My ex-boyfriend rode a motorcycle,” she said to no one in particular as she waited for their orders. “It was super-fast. He used to ride wheelies on it down Main Street in town with me on the back. He wrecked it after we broke up. I guess he ain’t got another one. I don’t know ‘cause I ain’t seen him in over a year.”

“Well that’s a nice story, young lady,” Ratchet said, smiling. Jason felt unsure whether she noticed the sarcasm. Ratchet continued, this time in a less sarcastic tone, “I’ll have four eggs scrambled, large hash browns, two orders of bacon, and a waffle.”

The bikers relaxed around their breakfast, and began mopping up the scraps when the waitress returned. “There’s some people sitting on your bikes,” she said.

All five IRON KINGZ sprang into action and ran out the door. Two teenagers, young men probably just out of high school, took turns sitting on the bikes while the other took pictures. Seeing the approaching bikers, they tried to run but it was too late. Jackhammer caught one and B.D. caught the other before they even escaped the parking lot.

They threw the teenagers to the ground and all five IRON KINGZ stood around them in a circle. In the center, the two victims sat on the ground and looked up in fear. “Just what the fuck do think you’re doing?” Jackhammer asked before continuing without waiting for an answer. “Did you forget to take your fucking anti-stupid pills this morning?”

With his voice trembling, one tried to answer, “No sir. We didn’t know they were your bikes. We’re really sorry. I promise it won’t happen again sir.”

“You didn’t know they were our bikes?” Jackhammer answered back. “I guess you thought they were your motherfucking bikes then. Is that it?”

“No sir. Like I said. We’re really sorry sir. Please don’t hurt us. I’m supposed to start Marine boot camp next week.”

Hearing this, Jason grabbed the young man by his collar and snatched him to his feet. Glaring into his eyes, with their noses touching, Jason whispered, “You wanna be a Marine, huh?”

A slight nod in response.

“Well, let me tell you a thing or two about Marines, shithead. Marines don’t do stupid shit like you were just doing. And they don’t run like little bitches when the bad guys come after them. Understand?”

Another nod.

“Marines stand their fucking ground and fight. If you wanna play badass, you better know your motherfucking lines, got it?”

A trembling “Yes sir.”

Jason shoved him back to the ground on top of his friend. Looking at his fellow IRON KINGZ he said, “Leave these punk-ass bitches here. We got bigger fish to fry.”
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